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Flawless printing is one of the basic requirements of the print Industry today, especially in the Pharmaceutical industry where any incorrect information on the packaging may even cost a life. 

Product mix-ups are also a serious issue that is faced by the industry. Propix provides state of the art Inspection solutions for the Pharma industry, and Codemat is our online barcode verification of cartons to prevent mix-up. 

A print-packaging manufacturer normally handles pharmaceutical cartons and leaflets for multiple clients. Often, the same client also has multiple products with different strengths, delivery locations etc. In rare cases, a folding box (empty carton) of one Pharma product can be mixed up with other cartons of another product. Propix provides an online solution to avoid this issue, an ultra-high speed “Code Reader” is installed on the Carton Pasting machine. This reader scans over 2000 cartons in a minute @ 300 meters/min. A mixed-up carton is perfectly detected and ejected at the end of the machine. Apart from the mix-up cartons, it also detects the cartons where a color is missing.

Blank (non-printed) leaflets or even the leaflets folded with improper orientation cause serious issues to the Pharma Industry. Propix provides a Dual Camera Print Inspection System to get rid of such issues.

Dual Camera system ensures that mix-up, blanks from either upper or lower surface and Incorrectly oriented leaflets are ejected. A detailed data of the entire job is maintained by the system with complete reporting!

Mudra is an Online 2D Code Print and Verify System for Track n Trace

Propix provides several customized Inspection solutions in the industry such as print and verification of variable data on cartons, labels, etc

Solutions for Print Industry


Complete Vision Inspection System


Code Inspection System


Online Outsert Serialization Machine