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For any country that grows food and processes, authentication and tracking of the various elements of the agricultural process are very important. These are especially important for Agro based economies like India, Mexico, Asian and Latin american countries.

The market has a supply of counterfeit products of seeds, fertilizers etc which often cause heavy losses to the farmers, who must now wait for the next season to recover those losses.

Considering these factors, the Government of India has announced that various items used in agriculture, such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides etc  should be track and trace enabled.

Propix provides a complete traceability solution from level 1 to level 5 for this industry.  A complete solution -Right from mark and verify system, aggregation that is parent child relationship establishment, control point at every stage in the supply chain and end user verification mechanism through mobile network. Propix track and trace systems also track the return of goods and maintain separate records of the return items.

Apart from the check on introduction of counterfeit products in the supply chain,  this system also helps the manufacturer to track “ near expiry”  stocks at different places in the supply chain, infiltration by various sales agencies across their region, study customer needs and trends to enhance the business,  established a direct contact with the end user and so on…

Solutions for Agriculture Industry


Complete Vision Inspection System

Packi Track n Trace

Web-Based Plant Server Application software