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Alcoholic drinks, also called Liquor, are a high demand and fast-moving category all over the world.

Governments are interested in monitoring the sale of goods in this category for the taxation angle, as well as to ensure that spurious items are not sold which can cause serious harm to people.

Serialization and traceability are important factors to help monitor activities and products in the alcoholic drinks/liquor industry. Propix offers end-to-end solutions that help with tracking of products and ensuring verification that genuine products at sold to the end customer.

A unique code is generated for each container, and marked on it, typically on the cap which also acts as a seal. This code can be scanned when packed, through the distribution chain and at the retail location. Propix has a unique advantage in that we can provide label application and scanning at a speed of 600 containers per minute. We have over 50 installations in this industry!

Let our experts help you with your challenges and compliance requirements for the liquor industry.

Solutions for Liquor Industry


Presence / Absence Vision Inspection System

Packi Track n Trace

Web-Based Plant Server Application software