Propix Technologies Pvt Ltd


Industrial Automation

Our customised machine-based inspection systems enable the automation industry to meet diverse compliance and quality assurance standards. Our services span software, hardware, system peripherals and more. We also cater to specific requirements by customising our solutions to suit the needs of the manufacturer.

Some examples of our solutions: 

  • Our automation products like the double sheet detector, sensor-based barcode reader, high-speed pulse counter and generator are widely used for industrial automation. 
  • Our 3D vision systems enable automatic and reliable handling of different sized objects 
  • We have designed several standardised automatic inspection systems using advanced microcontrollers and PLCs. 

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Camera, Optics and Illumination

A powerful vision-based inspection system needs the right knowledge and configuration of Optics, Cameras and Illumination. 

Propix has worked with the top camera and sensor brands from around the world. We have a vast database and expert understanding of several lenses with various applications, and years of technical and design experience in the application of reflective surfaces to get good imaging from different angles.

Our expertise in illumination enables us to provide solutions for scenarios such as seeing a transparent object, being able to see on glossy surfaces, being able to see fast moving objects and providing homogeneous illumination for imaging.  Intelligent software combines all the above components to create and process the final images. 

Talk to us about your requirements and challenges, and our engineers will find a customized solution to meet your needs. 

Knowledge Solutions

Propix provides solutions across a wide spectrum which includes technology, system peripherals and knowledge solutions, extending all the way into training the personnel for Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) to ensure smooth operations throughout the process. 

We take great pride in the knowledge and expertise leadership we have for all automated inspection needs. We understand individual requirements and provide superior vision based inspections solutions. We can identify areas in the production process that would benefit from upgrading to camera based inspection to refine the quality of production. 

Our team can provide strategic direction for each aspect of the manufacturing process, system peripherals with time-critical support, knowledge transfer and documentation. Our state-of-the-art set-up and the in-house tool room ensure that we are always ready to provide prompt solutions for every client requirement. 

Many of the leading brands across the globe are using our expertise to bring greater efficiency to their production lines. Reach out to us for your needs and we will respond promptly.