Propix Technologies Pvt Ltd



The FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) industry is one that has seen rapid growth worldwide. To support the high growth and scale, automated inspection has played a crucial role in the production process.  

Propix technologies machine-vision based inspection systems help FMCG manufacturers optimize production and packaging processes, ensuring high quality products without sacrificing speed of production. 

Our systems can handle high speed production lines and allow multiple inspections with single or multiple camera-based inspection devices.  

Our solutions include product inspection as well as packaging inspection.  

  • Product inspection involves checking the products against a prototype to ensure the accuracy, quality and integrity of each product.  
  • Packaging inspection systems check the container, bottle, packet, sachet, etc. for flaws to avoid mishaps like leaky containers or sachets.

We use the industry leading Cognex cameras in our vision systems which can be calibrated for container inspection and seal inspection for all kinds of containers and packets. 

We also offer unique automatic inspection systems for print inspection such as label verification, barcode verification, batch coding verification, expiry date verification and more.  

Solutions for FMCG Industry


Presence / Absence Vision Inspection System


Complete Vision Inspection System


Code Inspection System


Pinhole Detection System


Serialization and Tamper Evident Labeling System


All-In-One scanning System