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Commercial Explosives (usually class II Explosives) are widely used across many industries such as – mining, road and dam construction, excavations etc. Since they possess ‘Explosive’ properties these products are always sold and supplied through a highly regulated process.

Introduction of Serialization and traceability is important to monitor activities and products in the explosives industry. Propix has developed a fully customized solution to cater to all the special requirements of this Industry.

Serialization of the commercial explosive cartridges involves a lot of specialized systems for various functions, as there are nonstandard manufacturing processes, high speeds and variable production functions like cartridge movement and lack of automated feeders. 

Specially designed material handling systems with the high-speed cartridge feeders is one of the crucial parts of this solution. Propix is perhaps the only company in South Asia that is successfully providing a solution to this complex industry, and we have over 21 Emulsion lines and over 15 slurry lines installed.

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