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Challenges of Global Track and Trace for the Pharma Industry

Challenges of Global Track and Trace for the Pharma Industry

Track and Trace in the pharmaceutical industry are linked to advantages concerning the manufacturer’s efficiency and the prevention of the entry of counterfeit drugs. However, implementing Track and Trace also refers to a few challenges that many players from the pharmaceutical industry currently live with. Let us discuss some of them.

5 Significant Challenges of Track and Trace for the Pharmaceutical Industry

While every company, depending on its production volume, geographical expanse, and market, has its unique challenges to deal with, the below ones can be termed global, as they concern almost every pharma company. 

  • Varying Regulations

Pharma companies, especially the larger players, have manufacturing setups across various countries. With every country imposing its unique rules and regulations, it becomes a challenge for pharmaceutical players to comply with these varying regulations. Here, the most significant challenge is having a unified solution capable of fulfilling current needs and developing scalability in the face of future requirements.

  • Integration with the Existing Systems

Track and Trace is a crucial addition to the packaging line. Integrating serialization systems with the existing equipment and printers (which may or may not be compatible with serialization) is quite a challenge.

  • Packaging Configurations

The pharma industry continues to struggle to find the right technology to ensure the use of packaging lines for multiple packaging configurations. The challenge is to eliminate the changeover of equipment settings frequently. Serialization and aggregation systems increase the line startup time. And, with the packaging of multiple dimensions operating on the same line, the newly induced aggregation system can increase the complexity and affect efficiency.

  • Packaging Design Changes

Earlier, precisely when serialization wasn’t an essential aspect, printing involved only expiration dates and batch numbers. But today, along with batch numbers and expiration dates, unique serial numbers, and 2D code data matrix, and GTIN have become mandatory. In case the space is inadequate, manufacturers have to modify the packaging. Aggregation requires manufacturers to include extra information, and thus change the artwork.

  • IT Challenges

Currently, many pharma companies are in a dilemma whether to opt for an on-site solution or prefer the cloud. Besides, they also confront concerns such as the integration of Track and Trace processes with enterprise-level serialization servers, the data storage capabilities of the infrastructure, downtime, and data loss. Other challenges include the initial investment size, scalability, implementation time, updates, and partners to overcome all of them. 

Resolve Track and Trace Challenges with Propix

Track and Trace solutions are among the core offerings of Propix, an innovative supply chain technology partner of several pharmaceutical players across the globe. Apart from designing Track and Trace well-suited to the pharmaceutical industry and compliant with the industry’s regulations, Propix also helps pharma companies overcome the above challenges with smart and sustainable Track and Trace solutions. 

The company delves deep into the supply chain ecosystem to enable pharma companies to implement Track and Trace systems without disrupting existing workflows. To know more, connect with Propix at +91-020-67526600.

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