Akshat - Tamper Evident Labeling System

'Akshat - Tamper Evident Labeling System' is a special purpose 'Tamper Evident Labeling System' designed for 'Serialization' and 'Tamper Evident Labeling'.

  • Mark n Verify station: To print the serialization code and verify as per desired Standards.
  • Label application station: The Tamper Evident label is applied on both openings of the Carton. The sealing module/labelling system is compliant with EU directive 2011/62/EU & EN 16679, seals the tabs of cardboard boxes with a transparent tamper-evident seal and ensures that any attempt to open the packaging leaves behind visible hints, providing evidence of tampering.
  • Verification of Label presence: A tiny sensor confirms the presence of 'TE Label' on both openings. Thus, it is assured that 'Every Pack' is secured with a Tamper Evident Seal.
  • Ejection: Separate Eject stations to Eject defective cartons from 'Mark n Verify' and 'Label Apply'
  • GUI and Controller: The Integrated controller can be easily linked with the main Serialization Software Server to receive and send the data & Machine features.
  • Propix is capable of taking ownership of the entire project.
  • Thus, 'Akshat' is a simple Machine that serves multiple requirements and occupies a very small floor space for the same.

Tamper Evident Labeling System Features

  • Extremely Compact design with maintenance free system.
  • Elegant and Easy to Use
  • Maximum product width 210mm
  • Akshat has two separate Eject stations to eject the defective cartons from Mark n Verify and 'Missing Label'
  • Poly carbonate Cover
  • Label Application speed: 200 Cartons per minute (max.)
  • Stepper motor driven applicator
  • High-performance system reduces: downtime, false rejection, and rework, thereby, increasing line efficiency