Medicines and their magic are a boon to us today. But as miraculous as they are, a slight hitch or mistake at any stage could be fatal. The packaging of these medicines is done very carefully. Usually, the tablets are packed in blister packs or Alu-Alu packs. These packs are made of aluminium foils. A minute puncture/pin hole in the aluminium foil causes leakage in the pack. This leakage results in the oxidation of the medicine which is very dangerous!

‘Sooxma’ detects these holes ‘Online’!

A compact device is installed on the blister-pack machine. Any pinhole in the foil that could cause air leakage is detected and an error signal is delivered to the machine.The defective blister is rejected by the machine. In case, the machine PLC is not capable of carrying out the ejection based on the signal from Sooxma, Sooxma is equipped with the “Shift Register mechanism” to eject the defective blister at the eject station. The whole system is online and so does not involve any additional operation. Thus, it eliminates one of the major causes of ‘leakages’ in the blisters.

How It Works

The device comprises of a high intensity, infra-red LED emitter-receiver. The emitter is strong enough to pass through the minutest of pinholes and the receiver is so sensitive that it can sense even the feeble light coming out of minute pinholes. It is available in different sizes from 200mm to 300mm, depending on the width of the blister-pack machine.

Once a hole is detected, Sooxma delivers an ERROR signal to the machine PLC or it tracks the blister through the Shift Register Mechanism and finally ejects it at the ejection station.


  • Foil width can be fed electronically, doesn’t require metal sheets or foils to widen the uncovered area for narrow foils
  • Most compact in size
  • Easy to mount on any machine
  • Selectable output for machine PLC or direct output for ejection through “Shift Register Mechanism”
  • Can detect a hole as minute as 10 Microns