Propix's Hans series offers easy to operate, affordable and reliable automatic inspection solutions that allow multiple inspections with a single device.

The camera based inspection device predominantly detects defects, part by part, in packaged goods. For instance, it can check the presence/absence of the straw, the seal of the piercing hole, the batch coding, the presence of label as well as the actual food and sorting applications.

Using Hans, products can be diverted through different lines based on their respective marks, shapes and size of the products. The camera detects the aforementioned mark and signals the machine to select the required line on which the product should travel.

A barcode scanner can also be connected to this vision inspection device, to confirm the presence of the barcode as well as to verify its value. Such barcodes may be printed, marked or engraved.

Hans vision inspection systems are very fast, accurate, user friendly and are usually used in the food and beverage industries.

These systems can also perform more complicated tasks related to OCR, like verifying the accuracy of different components, positioning of various products, product quantity control and packaging inspection.

Solutions Offered

This vision inspection system can be used for:
  • Product Inspection
  • Label Inspection
  • Seal Inspection
  • Barcode Inspection
  • Tin Inspection
  • Crown/Cap Inspection

System Specification

Hans for product inspection applications
Hans can be used to check the presence of essential components, like shape, size and colour of products.

Hans for sorting applications
This camera based inspection system can be used for sorting of products based on a visual mark on product as well as based on shape/colour/count of products.

Hans for packaging inspection applications
It can also be used for barcode verification, batch coding verification, printing inspection, label inspection as well as inspection of cap/crown/rim/straw

Hans for barcode verification
'Hans Duo' is an advanced model of the Hans vision inspection system, which not only detects the presence/absence of barcodes, but can also verify the values of these barcodes.