End to End Solutions

Mass Serialization (UID):

  • Unique Serial ID Generation (Multiple levels) as per GS1 Norms
  • Alpha Numeric Character
  • Codes are random numbers, not sequential numbers (Less Predictable)
  • Encryption and Decryption Algorithm

Vision Inspection & Verification

Inspection of the codes generated and printed will be checked and decoded. Online inspection will verify:

  • Printability of Human Readable Text
  • Unique Serial Number
  • Database Management (Real Time) in case of rejected codes

Global Server Management

  • Further Up-Gradation till E-Pedigree / Track and Trace
  • SMS Verification for the End-User
  • Complete report for Supply Chain Management
  • Delivering Regulatory Compliance

Various Components offered

  • Conveyor - Compact conveyor with speed control and adjustable guides for printing on mono carton and shipper level
  • UID Generation or Third Party Integration - Proprietary algorithm for 15 digits alphanumeric characters. Propix generates these UIDs independently, providing them in a package of system and software. Propix is also well versed with management and integration of UIDs that have been generated by 3rd party softwares.
  • Printing - Communication software works with all latest printers
  • Vision System - Use of high speed industrial smart cameras with customized LED illumination
  • Inspection - High-speed GS1 data matrix code inspection and online grading as per ISO standard, with human readable text inspection
  • Aggregation - Complete Child-Parent Relationship
  • Database - Complete security for database (128 bit Encryption- Decryption Algorithm)
  • Global Server Management - Database transfer, WEB portal and SMS gateway for authentication
  • Implementation - Team of technocrats, who have extensive experience of products like PACK i® and Bliss in Pharma lines, do the implementation efficiently and are well versed with the norms to be followed in the various industries we cater to.
  • Compatibility - System Compatible for Turkey, ANVISA, France CIP13, Korea, China code and upgradable to US DSCSA Norms and Complete Supply Chain

Solutions offered:

  • Carton Serialization
  • Bottle Serialization
  • Bundle Aggregation
  • Shipper Aggregation