In the pharmaceutical industry, the use of ‘Outserts’ is very common. It goes with various options, like languages, special instructions, etc. It is of utmost importance that the right Outserts go with every medicine. Any error in this may lead to very serious consequences.

To ensure this, Propix has devised an extremely simple device. It comprises of a very simple feeder, transport bed, camera, eject mechanism and gathering station. Setting of a job is extremely easy and quick. It does not involve any critical setting for the Outsert thickness and form.

The user can simply arrange the Outserts on the feeder track and press ‘Start’. The Outserts are fed to the machine. Here, they are checked by cameras and the defective ones are thrown out. All the good outserts fall in a gathering track.

The Outserts are gathered in such a way that the user can easily pick them up and keep in the trough directly.


  • Can scan up to 180 Outserts / min.
  • Auto ejection with eject verification detection
  • Non-stop feeding and delivery of outserts.
  • Proper gathering to collect the outserts
  • Display of camera image
  • Color graphic user interface with touch screen
  • Verification of SOP norms like line clearance
  • Access controlled through Password