It's a conveyor based inspection system to detect mixups in the outserts.

Normally, outserts are packed in a tray to be delivered to the pharma company. Also, most of the outserts carry a Barcode/Pharma code on the top. This barcode is not easily visible when the outserts are packed in the box. Thus, we have developed a simple system that inspects every outsert for the barcode value and detects a mixup or a non-printed outsert, if any.

This system is extremely fast and can inspect a tray of around 100 outserts in just 4 seconds.

How It Works

The tray containing outserts is passed over a conveyor. The conveyor is equipped with smart cameras (max.3). As the tray passes under the cameras, the cameras are triggered repeatedly and each outsert is inspected for presence and also for the value of the barcode/pharmacode printed on the same. The speed of the conveyor and the speed of the cameras is automatically adjusted by the system in such a way that the cameras scan each outsert at least two times. This ensures a very reliable operation.

As soon as any camera detects a different value of the code or absence of the code, it stops the conveyor and indicates to the operator the mismatched outserts.

  • Inspects the outserts within the tray. This avoids handling of the outserts.
  • It eliminates the chances of addition of a mixup during handling.
  • As the outserts are inspected within the tray it is very fast. Around 100 outserts in 4 sec.
  • Zero losses/wastage. As the outserts are not disturbed from their original packing there is no wastage in feeding and collection.
  • Simple constructive, since there is no feeder or collector for individual outserts.
  • It is extremely easy to operate and reliable.