The requirements and regulations that need to be followed in the packaging industry are numerous because of the various stages involved in the process. In many cases, cartons for different products are manufactured under the same roof. In such a situation, utmost care needs to be taken to avoid mix-ups and errors. However, considering the scale of industrial operations, some mix-ups and errors are bound to occur, despite due diligence. This is where Propix's automatic inspection systems can help.

Codemat® is a useful quality assurance tool developed by Propix in collaboration with TopSenso, Germany. This camera inspection system is widely used by the packaging industry to avoid issues like mix-ups and colour missing with respect to the printed colour codes.

It is an embedded, standalone, vision inspection system with an intelligent camera and illumination, capable of operating at an extremely high speed of 35-40 scans per second, running at 350 meters per minute.

This camera inspection system addresses the inspection requirements of the printing and packing process with speedy and effective barcode or batch coding verification.

To help things run smoother, along with Codemat, Propix provides the complimentary software, 'Simply Pharma', which creates and maintains a database of the desired codes.

How It Works

Codemat helps you guard against on-line printing errors on the carton, simply by reading and verifying the colour code printed on the pasting flap.

A small machine vision camera, installed near the pre-fold, scans and verifies the code printed on the pasting flap (hidden after pasting).

The automatic inspection system checks the flaps for code mismatch or missing colour. Any discrepancy is alerted with an alarm and an output is provided to stop the machine or the feeder.

Codemat is also equipped with a secondary output, the most advanced system available, through which a faulty carton can be ejected without disturbing the speed of the machine.


  • Scans and verifies 40 codes per second (which meets the requirement of 1,20,000 cartons/hour)
  • Enhanced user interface and display with touch screen
  • High-speed smart camera including special illumination and a code reading comparison software
  • Tri-level password protection with hardware lock
  • Sturdy (resistant to tropical weather conditions and power fluctuations)
  • Works with embedded technology
  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Compact in size