Chatoor a 360° inspection machine

CHATOOR in Marathi language means a "DRAGONFLY".
And just like the dragonfly, Propix's CHATOOR has a 360 degree vision which means Chatoor performs as a 360 degree inspection Machine

  • Simple yet hi-tech
  • Compact yet has 360 degree vision
  • Elegant yet robust
  • Reliable yet contains complex optics and illumination

In the pharmaceutical serialization process, the aggregation stage is extremely crucial. At this stage, a parent-child relationship is established between containers and the next level pack. To carry out this process with containers/bottles is quite challenging. It is necessary to scan the entire surface of the label on the container since the code could move anywhere depending on the orientation of the container.

Most systems that are capable of carrying out this process do so with a multiple camera setup. The cameras are placed around the conveyor and the container is scanned from all around. To make this process more practical and hassle free, Propix has devised a new, single camera 360 degree inspection machine with a patented (pending) optics arrangement.

The 360 degree bottle inspection and 360 degree Container inspection system is well synchronized with the label applicator to facilitate uninterrupted production. Its also linked to the Mark & Verify system's database, where the code is printed on the label. Chatoor is also equipped with an electronic traffic control equipment to maintain equal gap between two consecutive containers.

Chatoor Specification

Chatoor Specification