Blister Packing is typically used by pharmaceutical companies to package tablets and capsules. Given the need for accuracy and flawlessness with regard to the products as well as the packaging in the pharmaceutical industry, these blister packs need to be checked thoroughly.

A camera based inspection system like Bliss, installed on the packaging line, is the most efficient way to inspect and verify all the elements of a blister pack.

Bliss can be used to inspect all the types of blister packs commonly used by pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, it performs reliable inspection of any kind of aesthetic fault in the tablet or capsule. This automatic inspection system can also be used for inspecting PVC clear, opaque, color, alufoil, aclar film etc.

With an added camera, Bliss can be used as a 2D barcode scanner and pharma code reader, verifying the presence /absence of the code printing on the foil.

Bliss is a much sought after camera based inspection system in the pharmaceutical sector as it allows for easy inspection, with minimal operator interference.

Solutions Offered

Bliss vision inspection systems can detect:

  • Missing Tablets
  • Wrongly Shaped Tablets
  • Cracked/Broken Tablets
  • Color Differences (Bi-color, Tri-color Tablet/Capsule)
  • Object Oversized and Object Undersized Area
  • Misalignment of Tablet
  • Presence /absence of 2D Barcode and Pharma Code

System Specification

  • S.S. Cabinet with touch screen monitor
  • High resolution industrial color camera
  • Mounting fixtures and assembly tailor-made to suit your machine
  • Specially developed state-of-the-art illumination and camera box
  • Tower light with color LED, to indicate status of the system
  • Advance PLC with ejection logic
  • Store over 100 parameters with each product configuration
  • Remote support and assistance through web also available


  • Minimum operator interference
  • Extremely easy and quick job setting (in just 4-5 steps)
  • Time saving (less than 1 minute to set an entire job)
  • Three user levels, each secured with password protection
  • Automatic report generation
  • Actual image of blister pack displayed onscreen
  • Convenient provision to facilitate cleaning of line during job change
  • 21CFR Part 11 compliant