Printing Industry

Print inspection systems are widely used across different industries to detect defects in the printed material, especially with regard to packaging. The printed information on the packaging of a product is a vital source of information regarding the product inside. Errors or mistakes in the matter printed on the packaging, cover, label or leaflets that come along with the product can misinform the end user and cause serious trouble for the manufacturer of the product.

Therefore, to avoid such errors industrial manufacturers are particular, while printing in-house or outsourcing their packaging process, to select facilities that are equipped with automatic inspection systems that detect and weed out printing errors at the printing stage itself.

Propix’s vision based inspection systems are designed to inspect the correctness of print matter and matching of the image with the master content and image. These machines use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Character Verification (OCV) technology to detect incorrect text, missing text and blank sheets.

Apart from being an integral part of the packaging process, these camera based inspection systems have a vast coverage of applications in other processes like data reading, verification, sorting, classification, marking, etc. Typical examples of their application in such processes are mail sorting, cheque no. verification, etc. These systems are also widely used for label verification, batch coding verification and bar code verification.

Our standard and customized print inspection systems help enterprises to save time, money and resources, and also assist in analysis for further improvement.