Pharma Industry

Precision is of utmost importance in the pharma industry. Not only with regard to the product, but also the packaging and the information that comes along with the product (like inserts and outserts). Every year, law suits related to incorrect batch numbers, date of manufacture and incorrect dosage cost pharma companies large sums. Besides, some errors may also have serious health consequences.

To avoid such errors, pharma manufacturers are particular, while printing in-house or outsourcing their packaging process, to equip their facilities or to select facilities that are equipped with automatic inspection systems that detect and weed out printing errors at the printing stage itself.

Propix provides a number of vision based inspection solutions to the pharma industry for product inspection, blister inspection and packaging inspection, including leaflet inspection, insert inspection and outsert inspection. Our camera based inspection systems help in the detection of discrepancies in the product, faulty packaging and errors in the printed information.

These automatic inspection systems can also be used for label verification, batch coding verification, 1D bar code verification, 2D barcode verification (including Data Matrix Code Verification) as well as for pharma code generation.

We also provide complete track and trace solutions to the pharma industry, including 2D code and GTIN generation, in keeping with various international regulations and guidelines.

Our highly sophisticated Cognex vision systems have proved to be a valuable asset to the pharma industry, assisting in delivering quality products with error-free packaging that meet and fulfill global quality standards and guidelines. Our more advanced, holistic solutions also aid in supply chain management and competing in the global market.