Food & Beverage Industry

The packaged food and beverages (F&B) industry is a fast growing industry, especially in India. And the competition in the F&B industry with respect to innovative packaging is becoming increasingly obvious.

Technology has played its part in keeping up with this competition in the creative packing space. Packaging machine manufacturers are able to calibrate high end automated machines that fill and seal all kinds of products into all kinds of packaging - bottles, packets, sachets, etc - of various shapes, sizes and materials. A lot of R&D and money is spent in the process. Hence, it would be a big waste if a soft drink bottle reaches a super market shelf bearing a wrong batch code and the entire lot has to be called back.

This is where Propix comes in, providing the latest in vision based inspection solutions to F&B manufacturers for product inspection as well as packaging inspection, enabling them to ensure the quality and integrity of their products as well as the packaging.

These camera based inspection devices are widely used in the F&B industry, not only for product inspection and to avoid faulty packaging via seal inspection, cap inspection, ring inspection, etc, but also to verify the information printed on the packaging as well as for label verification, barcode verification, batch coding verification, expiry date verification and the like.

Our Cognex vision systems are a valuable tool for F&B manufacturers, not only because they help in saving time, cost and labour, but also because they help them secure a competitive advantage. For instance, you see ketchup bottles of a certain brand neatly lined up in your super market; all filled to the same level. This inspires trust in the brand and protects the brand image. Propix offers vision measuring systems that can be used to check the level of liquid product in a transparent container during the filling process.

Propix has the domain knowledge and expertise, coupled with years of experience and superior R&D capabilities, to provide the F&B industry with vision based inspection solutions customized exactly to their needs. We have developed many unique products, like the "Glue Line Inspector" that inspects the cold seal on food packaging, to avoid contamination of the food content inside the packaging.