FMCG industry

Considering the FMCG industry's enormous scale, automated inspection systems play a crucial role in the production processes because both, speed and accuracy are extremely important to the process. The inspection needs to be carried out for products at various stages of production, moving on the conveyor belts at high speeds, without compromising on accuracy.

Propix offers the FMCG industry reliable, easy to operate and affordable automated inspection systems that allow multiple inspections with single or multiple camera based inspection devices. These vision based inspection machines allow FMCG manufacturers to detect flaws in the products, the packaging and the information printed on the packaging as well as the labels and barcodes, all at once, without adversely affecting the speed of the production process.

Product inspection involves checking the products against a prototype to verify whether all the features appear exactly in each and every product on the production line; in other words, to ensure the quality and integrity of the products. Packaging inspection,that is, checking for flaws in the container, bottle, packet, sachet, etc. is carried to avoid a leaky container or a ripped sachet from reaching the end user.Therefore, our vision based inspection help FMCG manufacturers guard against improper sealing and presentation, ensuring that FMCG products are of 100% quality when they reach the end user. In a way, our vision based inspection systems help protect the brand image of FMCG manufacturers.

Our Cognex vision systems can be customized to fit the requirements of every kind of FMCG product and packaging. These vision based inspection systems can be calibrated for container inspection and seal inspection for all kinds of containers and packets.

We also offer the FMCG industry automatic inspection systems that detect imperfections in the information provided on the product packaging, safeguarding them against consumer law suits. Such print inspection solutions include label verification, barcode verification, batch coding verification, expiry date verification and the like.