Industrial Automation

Propix Technologies provides the automation industry a variety of valuable vision based inspection tools for quality assurance. Our experts assist the automation industry in areas where camera based inspection can aid in the functions like manufacturing, quality control and material handling.

We provide the hardware, software, system peripherals, timely support and assistance as well as consultation and training in relation to the vision based inspection needs related to industrial automation. We can also customize these to suit your particular requirement, offering you the best-in-class technology and service with respect to vision based inspection. We have undertaken variety of automation projects for the printing and packing industry.

We have also developed a number of standardized automatic inspection systems that aid in industrial automation using advance micro controllers and PLCs. A variety of automation products such as double sheet detector, sensor based barcode reader, high-speed pulse counter and generator are some of our popular products that are widely used for industrial automation. Our 3D vision systems enable automatic and reliable handling of different sized objects.

We are a one-stop-shop for the automotive industry's vision inspection needs, with an extensive national network and global presence.